Virendra Sehwag and Astrological prediction

Published: 04th June 2009
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Virendra Sehwag has become a heartthrob for millions of cricket fans across the globe. Here are some of his astrology predictions based upon his birthchart and horoscope. Virender Sehwag nicknamed "Veeru" by teammates and fans was born on 20th October 1978 in Delhi. He is a stunning cricket test player making his debut in Indian Cricket team against South Africa at Bloeinfontein in November 2001.

A glance at his horoscope considering Moon as ascendant shows that Moon is exalted in his birth chart which is a indicator of his great mental strength. Jupiter is exalted having aspect on house of fortune. Saturn is Yog karak and is lord of houses of fortune and career.

This indicates that he can go to any height in career. Association of Moon and Mars indicates his excellence in game. Sun is debilitated along with Mars, Mercury and Venus. Placement of Rahu in 5th house indicates that he has to be careful about his food habits otherwise he may suffer from the problem of indigestion. Aspect of lord of 9th house on house of career has made him a star sportsperson.

According to birth chart he will excel in IPL-2 and many new records will go to his bag. Runs will flow out of his bat naturally. He will be a star batsman of IPL-2. However he may not continue in his present position for a long time. Planets indicate that he will perform well till end 2011 and after that he has no future in Indian Cricket Team.

He is exceptionally talented and audacious right handed batsman, gifted with brilliant hand -eye co-ordination, fabulous timings and cool head. He is a stunning test player. Most striking feature of his batting is the ease with which he dispatches the ball all around the wicket which is a sign of natural shot maker. He has number of records to his credit. He has also won number of awards and recognitions.

At present transit of Jupiter and Saturn is excellent in his birth chart. Jupiter is providing providential help and Saturn is taking him to heights. With the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn sign his performance has significantly improved.

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