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Published: 17th September 2009
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Zozoc is a simple to use mobile Application developed with the aim of reducing your SMS costs. Zozoc leverages the internet connection of your mobile (GPRS/Wi-Fi) to send and receive SMS, so you don't have to pay your operator hefty SMS costs or log onto websites on your PC.


1.Send Free SMS:

Enjoy Unlimited Free SMS exchange with your friends and loved ones on Zozoc. Instantly Delivered. Get Free SMS credits for messages to sent to non-Zozoc users upon Login!

2. Save massively on phone bills:

Send Free SMS to a group of Zozoc friends. No Roaming charges. No Blackout on special days/festivals.

3. Over 140 countries supported:

Now communicate freely with your near and dear ones around the globe with Zozoc which now works in over 140 countries. No need to pay your carrier hefty international SMS charges.

(Support for USA coming soon)

4. No character Limits:

Now write as much as you want - No half limits to your message lengths. 80 or 500 characters, we will deliver your message without failing.

5. Zozoc 'Smart' versions for Symbian and Windows mobile versions are always on, seamlessly integrated with the default phone's inbox and phonebook. Send and receive messages directly from your inbox with an ability to add contacts from your existing phonebook.


• One of the supported Java/Symbian/Windows Mobile handsets.

• Activated GPRS/WAP/Wi-Fi connection.

(You might have to bear data charges to your carrier if you have not subscribed to a GPRS plan)

Zozoc is a simple to use mobile phone application through which you can exchange FREE SMS among your friends.


• Download the version for your phone from the Download menu above.

• Install Zozoc on your phone memory (for Symbian/win mobile) or your memory card.

• Ensure that you have a working GPRS/WAP/Wi-FI access point.

• Register an account with Zozoc with your phone number. You will receive your password as normal SMS. Use that password to login and use Zozoc

Zozoc is a simple to use mobile phone application through which you can exchange FREE SMS among your friends.

Click here to Download the Zozoc Free Sms App

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